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5 Facts about Wedding Photography You Need To Know

Your wedding day is the one, most cherished day of your life, a day you would probably never forget. No one wants their wedding day to end. It’s everyone’s dream to relive their wedding day and your wedding photographs satisfy this need, if not completely but fairly well.

Would you want to compromise on that only thing that lets you travel, for an instance, to the dreamiest day of your life?  I guess no. Couples spend huge amount on the photographers to shoot this day and it’s never disappointing if it’s in the hands of a professional.


Here are 5 Wedding Photography facts you need to know

  • What is the trend?

Wedding Photography has changed dramatically over the course of time. It is done much differently now from the days when our parents got married. It has become more artistic and enticing.

Clicking random photos just won’t do in the present. You have to be more creative as a photographer and must know how to relate well with people and situation. There are different techniques of photography and editing used by photographers that bring out the best.

It’s well planned and you get to choose beforehand how your photos are going to look.

  • Wedding Photography an art

It is more than just a profession, it’s an art. Photographers don’t just offer you photos; they offer you an experience that you cherish for life. And to convert these photos into experiences it requires presence of mind and some good editing.

The photographer, through his photos, is telling you your wedding story. He captures emotions, feelings and joyful moments in his photos. These are some techniques they use.


  • Stop-Motion Photos
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Father-Daughter First Looks
  • Casual Family Photos
  • Shooting the Proposal


  • All Black & White Photos
  • Less Filters, More Natural
  • Editorial Style Editing


  • The Photographer

You wouldn’t want to look back after many year and regret you decision of choosing a non-professional Photographer. A professional might cost you more but it’s worth spending on them. They are well trained and they know their work very well.

  • The Photographer will meet the couple or any member of the family and discuss the details of the wedding.
  • He will then visit the venue. Usually they do it several days before the wedding.
  • They come well prepared with a plan.
  • After they have clicked all the photos, they choose the best ones and edit them before delivery.
  • How to get hold of good photographers?

Talking to your friends or relatives who have already got married might help finding good photographers or similar help form GoodService. Some professional photographers have their own web site so you can find them online.

When you are hiring a photographer, don’t forget to go through his previous work. This gives you a fair idea about his style and ways. You can then hire him if it suits you.

Sometimes caterers can also recommend you some good photographers. But do meet them and see their previous work before finalizing. Their previous work is the only base upon which you can decide whether to hire the person or not.

  • Precautions to take.

Photography is a tricky business. It needs proper planning and presence of mind. Not all photographers can give you the perfection you desire for your photos. You need to be aware while choosing your photographer.

  • It is a good idea to know the present cost in the market. Do this before finalizing your photographer.
  • Discuss every detail of the wedding with your photographer well before the wedding.
  • Explain what you expect from him very clearly.
  • Discuss in advance about the payment and delivery.
  • Have a backup for power failure.


Photography has become a major part of our lives. You can find every other person with a DSLR clicking photos. You might have a friend or a cousin who clicks great pictures but refrain from giving them your wedding day responsibility.

Professionals have been trained and worked for years for this job and what they can deliver is impossible for anyone else to. So choose your photographer wisely for the best day of your life.

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