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5 Celebrities Who Successfully Recovered From Addiction

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The world of entertainment and show business is filled with glamour, fame, glitter, and temptation. Substance abuse is not supposed to be part of this world; unfortunately, history shows that hedonism and substantial stress often results in celebrities recurring to drugs and alcohol as a part of their lifestyles.

Quite a few celebrities have conquered substance abuse through the process of recovery and rehabilitation; their stories serve as inspiration to others who also battle against the demons of addiction. To this effect, here are five examples of successful recovery:

Anthony Hopkins

Most film audiences know Sir Anthony Hopkins as a dramatic actor who commands great respect. In the 1970s, Hopkins struggled with alcoholism at a time when his career was beginning to take off in theaters across London. Hopkins decided to enter rehabilitation after a few episodes of amnesia. Not many people knew about this stage in the actor’s life until he decided to come clean decades later. Hopkins believes that sobriety has been his greatest achievement.

Russell Brand

This British comedian is known for his extremely sharp wit and his great intellect, two traits that allowed him to hide his drug and alcohol addiction for a while. Once his substance abuse became obvious and extremely problematic, Brand realized that he suffered from psychological issues that were only exacerbated with liquor and crack cocaine. These days, he is happy to talk about his rehabilitation and sobriety.

Kristen Johnston

How can such an attractive and incredibly clever woman fall to the clutches of substance abuse? Johnston is mostly known for her role in the hit sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun; in 2012, she published a memoir in which she revealed a previous battle with prescription drug addiction and alcoholism. It is worth mentioning that Johnston believes AA Meetings and similar programs serve as lifelines for anyone who is serious about recovery and making sobriety an important aspect of their lives.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Drug addiction caught this actress almost by surprise. Curtis never believed that she would develop a strong dependency to painkillers; nonetheless, that is exactly what happened after she decided to undergo plastic surgery after turning 30 years old. Once she realized that her daughter was the most affected by this addiction, she sought professional help. These days, Curtis is a major advocate of sober living.

Robert Downey Jr.

The Ironman star is such a gifted actor that many production crews never realized that he was actively using on the set. His repeated breakdowns and troubles with the law finally convinced him that he had to change his life and stop using once and for all. Nowadays, the actor is a firm believer in recovery solutions that involve addressing issues of family dysfunction, particularly in families that have domineering and sociopathic members who chastise relatives who struggle with addiction.

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