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Elements of Performance Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

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Motorcycles are commonly fitted with an exhaust system – which as important part of the motorcycle, and are required for the optimal functioning of the vehicle. Motorcycles are fitted with exhaust systems because they route combustion gases away from the rider, help muffle noise, and help the engine perform better. Along with this, high quality exhaust systems allow the rider to go faster, and can help make the motorcycle lighter in weight. The main benefit, however, is that these exhaust systems have a big effect on the look, sound and performance of your vehicle – which means that high quality exhaust systems will help you save money on maintenance and repairs in the long term, making it a wise investment to make.

Catalytic converters are an important part of the exhaust system because they are used to decrease the pollutants from your bike. However, these converters create excess pressure, which can adversely affect the energy of your bike.
Resonators, exhaust pipes, and silencers, are used to reduce the sound coming from the exhaust system – with exhaust pipes being the most effective tool. These pipes help by connecting all the parts of the exhaust system, which helps create a stable system for the best possible performance.
Slip-on or bolt-on systems replace just the muffler, and this type of exhaust retains the factory head-pipe. Full systems, however, replace most parts of the exhaust system; these will require fuel management changes to work correctly. Though it may require additional maintenance, you will have a more powerful motorbike, and this system is more aesthetically pleasing, leading to your bike looking sleeker and more powerful.
When deciding to get a new exhaust system, one of the first things you should look into is the material of the system. Titanium and carbon fibre are quickly becoming popular, because of their low weight. However, these materials are expensive. Aluminum is affordable and offers less weight as well. Stainless steel is popular as well because of its affordability and durability, whereas chromed steel is valued because of its durability and for its appearance. The material you choose will determine the look and performance of your bike, so make sure you choose the material that will suit your bike the best.
Another thing to look for when purchasing a new exhaust system is the configuration of your motorbike. Certain engines work better with specific configurations. For example, V-twins are better suited for two-into-one exhaust systems.

Solo Performance is a company that produces stainless steel and tig welded exhaust systems. With years of experience in the exhaust industry, Solo Performance offers services in installation; custom pipe bending, design, and engineering of exhaust systems, so that you will be able to customize and design the perfect exhaust system for your motorbike, ensuring optimum efficiency for your engine. Along with this, those at Solo Performance will be able to provide professional guidance to make sure that you get the right material and style for your motorbike, so that you make a wise investment in your bike for the future.

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