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5 Reasons Why People Like Church App


Mobile phones have become a way of life and are integral in easing our day to day chores. A lot of people depend on their mobile phones and the numerable applications to get their work done. Marketers have realized that to reach out to a large audience it is prudent to have an application. The fact is there is an application for everything, from booking air tickets, to ordering food and groceries, to making mobile bill payments and recharges, to making banking transactions. Everything can be done with the help of an application.

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So why should religious organizations stay behind? There is nothing wrong in reaching out to your believers with the help of an application. In this day and age when people want to be always on the move but still stay informed they will surely appreciate when they can stay in touch with their religious commitments with the help of an application.

Reasons for the popularity of The Church App

  1. Higher reach:Statistics show that 80% of internet users own a smartphone. This means that 80% of internet users can go online and look for whatever information they want with the help of their smartphone. Now when churches have an application they can cater to this large population and meet the requirements of their followers. They just need to make sure that they are reaching the right audience and relevant audience. Another important aspect is to keep the application simple and easy to use. This way even if there are people who might not be that smartphone savvy they can still navigate the app
  2. Getting the message across: with the increasing responsibilities and limited time on hand, attendance at sermons has reduced or even if people do attend they might not be able to grasp the message due to tiredness or being overburdened with chores and responsibilities. Applications are a way to reach out to them and get the message across. They can download the sermons and listen to it as many times as they want. They can rewind, fast forward, pause; they can do it all and understand the message behind the sermon
  3. Cost effective: as the reach is vast the need to print paper and bulletins reduces as the message can be delivered with the help of the app
  4. Ease the way to collect: with accepting online payments through the app people will find it easier to contribute as the hassle of going to the church to give the offering is done away with
  5. Sharing the message: there might be people who do not go to the Church and do not believe. But with the help of the app they might slowly and steadily get interested and listen to the sermons and become believers


In the end one would just like to mention that the idea behind the Church App is to get as many people involved as possible. Rather than forcing them to bend their ways if the Church revolutionizes their approach they can reach out to far more people.


Chirag Patel is a digital marketer and content writer. He likes to write on mobile app and related topic like how to build awesome church app.


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