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Facts and Myths about Piano Tuning

Having a piano in the home can be exciting, because of the possibilities that pianos can offer to you. However, owning a piano does entail some responsibility of keeping the piano in tune and maintaining it well to make sure that you can still the piano beautifully. Like any other instrument, it does require certain cares to ensure that it stays useful, and that the lifespan of the piano increases.

One common misconception that most people have with regard to pianos is that if the piano is played too hard, it will require to be tuned more often; if you don’t play the piano often enough, it will not require to be tuned as often.
However, the truth is that all pianos must be tuned on a regular basis – whether or not they are played often. Tuning is done to determine whether your piano will require additional maintenance to maintain the integrity of the instrument. There are many factors that determine the working of a piano, and experienced tuners will be able to determine the nuances of your piano, and whether any structural repairs are required for the efficient playing of your piano. Along with this, tuning will help maintain your piano in its best form, which means that if you do wish to sell your piano later, it will still hold value in the market.

Another misconception is with tuning – if you have a good ear, you can tune a piano. If you have a bad ear, you may not notice the difference between a piano that has been tuned and one that hasn’t been tuned.
Of course, though people may have a greater aptitude or awareness of pitch than others – especially if they are musicians, or have had musical training. Of course, if you are trained in music, and are aware of different pitches, then you can learn to tune your piano on your own. However, to become a good piano tuner, you require special training and practice, and you require lessons to learn effective hammer technique in setting the tuning pins. Tuning a piano can become a difficult process, and you will require more than just a ‘good ear’ to properly tune your piano. Similarly, just because you may have a ‘bad ear’ does not mean that you will not appreciate the difference between a piano that is not tuned and one that is.

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