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Cheap and Best Managed Web Hosting

The Cloud axis, which has been found in the year 2016 is considered to be the best and the cheapest hosting services for the website as it can be managed easily without any hassle. The performance of the site can also be boosted with the blazing speed at the inexpensive prices. The optimization of the website can be done for free with every kind of plan that is purchased for website hosting from them.

Cloud Axis Managed Hosting

Best Practices Of The Cloud Axis Hosting Server

The cloud axis is known as the setup which is powerful in providing the hosting services by managing it at its best with the true prices of hosting that are actually required for hosting the website and also handles the hosting customers in finding out the solution from the choices of the website hosting for their websites.

The uptime of the website has never been a concern if people are choosing this cloud axis as the uptime of this site hosting server is 100 percent. Any kind of script that is found to be malicious for the website is eliminated with the great malware scanner that it posses. So that website is safely and securely managed all the time like a website they hosted My Live Updates.

The support is provided for 24 hrs by the hosting team, which is managed through the support ticket, live chat or with the help of calling. The account of the client is never suspended for the more utilization of the resources rather they would opt for the optimization of the website for the enhanced performance and advice are provided in maintaining the website healthy from any kind of attacks.

Once the hosting services of the cloud axis are purchasing its setup is very fast as they would no longer waste time in creating the account and accomplishing the order successfully and will be delivered to the respective mail to the client. The hosting services of the cloud axis are quick and consist of the panel that is quite easy to set up so that one can get started off with their facilities for the website.

Not much knowledge is required in understanding coding on this server and no time waste din learning this setup. The servers of the cloud axis website hosting will run 24/7 on the technology of cloud where the website is boosted with the premium charges that are paid and no extra. The downtime in not interrupted as the servers are regularly maintained with the kind of service provided by them which will make the website fast and can work online for 24 hours even after which no issue would cross the way.

Comparison Of The Hosting Plans Of Cloud Axis

Cloud Axis Web Hosting Plan

The hosting plans of the cloud axis are the best ones who will be matching the client’s criteria in a suitable way. Here are some of the wider view of their plans which makes it best and cheap for the customers. For the faster processing of the website and its migration for free of cost, the hosting services of the cloud axis can be chosen. The Cloud Axis hosting plans of the server for the new clients.

If the customer is completely new to this cloud axis, then they can choose the data size that is small available for the beginners which will be helping in their growth later as this is the one that best suits their needs. Pro hosting option is made available to the users who are the owner of the event niche website as they will be in need of the bandwidth additionally so they can go for this option.

After using the beginner’s packages and getting satisfied with the reliability of the services that they can later shift to the expert packages of the hosting servers where the power of the resources that are used currently can be boosted to double as this is the extreme plan that is available for the improved performance of your website. The premium reseller option is made available by the cloud axis to the customers like if they wish to resell the hosting or if they want to host the various domains in the other panels separately then this package would be suiting their needs.

Features Of Secured Data And Its Protection

Cloud Axis Managed Web Hosting Features

The following are some of the exciting features that are uniquely available with the cloud axis hosting server, which makes it stand unique from other servers in WordPress hosting. Migration of the website- website migration can be carried out without any tension as it would be performed by the experts without any chance of downtime for the website users and the cloud axis hosting customers. Once the process of migration is completed the website should be checked by the client to finish the migration step.

Dedicated Managed Web Hosting Support by cloud axis

Virus protection of the site is done by using Cpanel hosted by Cloud Axis where the malware in the script can be checked with the help of the advanced technology of the cloud axis, which has been built for catching the malware that is being uploaded in the control panel.The files can be scanned much better from the server. This feature is also made available by the cloud axis. In the end, the scan report is provided to the customer at free of cost.

The backup of the data can be done in a secured way and one of the best cheapest WordPress hosting. Every night backup of the last 7 days data is available by the cloud axis, which can be done securely and it can be used for restoring in the website at any time just by simply raising the support ticket.The instant backup of the data option is also made available to the local system or any of the other devices with the help of Cpanel or through a backup wizard.

Analysis of the issues that has been raised by the customers. Once the support ticket is built for any kind of problem, then the investigation is done by the problem and then work is done in solving the issue without any delay.

Cloud Axis Managed Hosting support team is very friendly who understands the problems of the clients and executes in a professional way.

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