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Choosing The Right Color Flooring (Hard Surface or Carpet)

A House is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams”, and decorating the house brings life to the building. What could be more important than deciding the color scheme of the floors and the walls. A good choice can soothe your mind whenever you return to your palace, and a bad choice may fill you with regret while burning a hole in your pocket. The color of the floor portrays a home and give the viewer a particular feeling. It is generally seen people prefer same color of the floor for most of the house. But with time it feels monotonous and boring with time, that is why it is suggested that a multitude of colors should be used while selecting the floors.

Further a proper kind of floor cover should be selected. generally it is observed that the decisions like texture of the carpets and the feel is ignored, leading to an uncomfortable feeling when installed. A general advice given to homes with children is installing plastic runners, which protects your precious carpets from stains and spills. Have you ever felt that a bright red color makes a room look small, while a beige floor or carpet gives it a more spacious look? Yeah, that is true, a light color gives your room a spacious feel and a darker one does the opposite. Darker ones are used in areas where floor is more prone to spills (For example the dining area is prone to food spill). A very showy carpet would require your room to look neutral and normal, so that the attention can be diverted to the floor. A bright painted walls combined with a bright floor could be a disaster as it discomforts your mind. It is advised to use dark colors in rooms that are exceptionally big.

Colors like dark green and forest green, cobalt and dark blue helps to give a feeling of comfort and safety and can be used in common areas. A light carpet or floor color on the other hand can be mixed with bright colored walls giving highlight to the walls and show pieces which have been installed. In simple words, if you want more probability of people looking towards your exceptional trophies or handicrafts in the room, you should go with a light colored floor. But do not only limit the flooring to carpets or marble, you can also choose wooden flooring. It generally gives an exotic look to your home. Many variants and options are available when selecting wood, and thus the durability and pest resistance should be given importance when selecting the type of wood.

Wood even offers variety of colors, from pale yellow to light red and all shades of brown. A cherry wood which has a mixture of red and brown gives a welcoming and exotic look. A wood like oak and knotty pine, because of texture makes your room look clean and covers the dirt. Tiger wood has stripes like that of a tiger and gives a royal look, light shade oak can also be used in dining rooms. But in some areas like utility, only tiles can be used. Generally in bathrooms, toilets and kitchen areas, tiles are preferred. To select the color of a tile, same rules applies to that of a carpet. In conclusion, select the colors and textures on basis of size, features of room and your personal taste.


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