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Why Medical Waste Management should be your Top Priority?

While medical care is essential for life, the waste produced from medical activities is rather a threat to the people and the environment. If the leftover of the medical care activities is not properly managed, it can have a direct impact on the people working in the facility and pose danger to the society and the environment. This medical leftover or waste comprises of treated or untreated animal waste, animal blood, pathological and microbiological waste, human blood and other body fluids, etc. As much as the fluids are necessary in our body for its proper functioning, they can be dangerous if not disposed of properly.

A large amount of such infectious waste is produced around the globe every day by health care and medical sectors. It is therefore, important to specially treat and manage it before dumping. Hence, there are laws which insist special attention be granted to medical wastes. The laws may vary across countries or states, but the idea behind them is the same.

According to law, a medical or healthcare organization must have a special unit for treatment and management of the waste produced. The unit must adhere to the rules and regulations and must ensure that the organization is not participating in any activities which impact the society or environment in a negative way.

The laws also state that these waste management units cannot transfer waste to another company which is not authorized to receive it. Violation of these laws is a criminal offense and the offenders are charged accordingly.

While there are ways of disposing this waste off, there are also necessities as to why it should be done. Some of them are discussed below.

The sharps can cause infections among the hospital staff and patients if not disposed properly.

Infection control practices should be implemented in order to avoid infections among the hospital personnel and visitors. If it is not done, the people may fall prey to Healthcare Associated Infections or HAI. Patients admitted in the hospital are not the only ones that can be targeted. Waste handlers and scavengers can also get affected by the contamination from bacteria and viruses in the hospitals.

Moreover, some petty businesses may repack and sell the used and unwashed disposable items again. They can even the disposed drugs can be resold, which is a deceitful practice.

There are several other reasons to manage disposal of medical waste, but the most prominent one is the threat of infections. New infections and diseases can come into existence which can put the lives of living beings at stake. Hence, it is better to take precautions rather than waiting for it to happen and then find a cure.

Every blood bank, research lab, pathology lab and hospital must hire a company to dispose and manage the waste for you. It will save you from the offense of breaking the law and most importantly, it will save the society and environment from infections and diseases.

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