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The Top 5 Logo Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Your customers expect quite a bit from your logo. For starters, it needs to be simple yet catchy. It should convey your brand ethos and, most importantly, help you connect to your customers. A logo needs to be created with a lot of brainstorming, creativity, and time.

Planning to create a logo for your newly launched business? It’s important that you keep today’s logo trends in mind. Whether you’re using an online logo design maker or designing the logo yourself, here are the design trends that are here to stay in 2017.

Trend 1: Clean And Flat Design

Breaking your head over designing a three-dimensional logo? Get over fancy gradients, textures, and shadows. ‘17 is the year of tidy and minimalist designs.

Take the example of the logo redesign cases for brands like MasterCard and Airbnb. They have made their logos simpler and more streamlined.

Image result for master card logo before and after

Image result for airbnb logo before and after

It’s often the simplest and most innovative designs that manage to catch the eye. The ‘flat design’ trend is dominating the logo design market and will do so in the near future as well. Make sure your logo has a practical design, and that it conveys the essence of your brand.

Take the example of Amazon’s logo—the arrow points from a-z, signifying you get everything at Amazon.

Image result for amazon logo

Trend 2: Handmade Logos

Logos designed by hand have a timeless appeal. Hand-drawn logos never go out of fashion and are preferred by customers. By opting for a hand-drawn logo, you give it a personal touch. And that’s what makes it special.

Trend 3: The Use Of Negative Space

The use of negative space is a breakout trend in the world of logo design. The trend started picking up in 2016, and is predicted to reach its peak in 2017.

Logos following this trend are based on dual imagery. Both negative and positive compete for the viewer’s attention.

Consider the NBC logo. NBC has used the ‘peacock’ logo for a long time. Recently though, it made its logo more attractive by including negative space. The revamped logo features a stylized peacock; the negative space between the two halves of the spread-out tail ‘show’ its body.

Related image

Trend 4: Line Art

The line art trend started picking up in 2015; it remains one of the top trends for 2017 as well. Line art involves using a single-color line to achieve an image/text combination. These are usually used by brands who want portray a fun, modern, and laid-back image.

Urban Ladder is an Indian e-commerce store selling furniture online. Above: Their Revamped Logo

Related image

Logo designers are using negative space and line art to create true masterpieces.

Trend 5: Color Palette Simplification

If you notice newer logos, you’ll see one common feature—all the logos use less colors. Designers claim that the use of a simple color palette makes the logo more colorful. They say the presence of fewer colors, give each color more space to shine.

You can also go the black-and-white route, as many designers are doing today.

Think about ‘No Smoking’ signage you see in public places. It only features black and red, and is yet something we all recollect with ease.

Use a mixture of two or more of these trends to design your logo. If you don’t want to hire a designer and shell out a lot of money, you can use online logo makers. Loads of online logo creators dot the Internet. Online store builders like Shopify offer advanced graphic tools to help you design logos.

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