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Five Essential Tools of a Locksmith

A locksmith will usually build his or her aptitude through enlightenment or self-study and get clients by word of mouth. Before this procedure takes place, the learner will need to have few basic tools. These five pieces of equipment will take the pupil through the learning process and serve as …

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What to do and what not to do while hiring a Limousine?

Whether it’s a corporate engagement or a wedding (or a bachelor party!), Limousine Hire Companies never fail to come to your rescue. You may have stolen glances of a couple of luxury limousines, but there remains a lot to do before you hire a company for its services. You may …

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5 Tips to connect successfully with strangers on linkedin

According to Statista, LinkedIn has 396 million users as of Q3 of 2015. But also because of that, LinkedIn is becoming saturated with template InMails and Nigerian scams. I lost count of the number of times I was told to inherit a billion dollar from some government officials in a …

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